Shipping Information

Shipping schedule

We set up subcultures on Thursday and Friday for shipping on Monday through Wednesday of the following week.  Generally, if you place an order by the end of a Thursday, we will usually ship the order by the end of Wednesday the following week.
You can monitor the status of your order by logging into your account and clicking on "My Account" to see a list of your orders.

Please note

Since we can no longer use FedEx to ship to the following countries:

* UK
* Sweden
* Switzerland
* Spain
* Portugal
* Italy

we must use an alternate method.  So now when you check out, you must now add the cost of shipping to your order.  To add shipping, click on the link in the top section of the Checkout page.

Notification of Shipping (FedEx only)

When your order ships, you will receive an email with FedEx tracking information.  You can use this information at the FedEx website to follow your stocks and plan for their arrival.

Shipping Address

To receive stocks, you must use the shipping address associated with the FedEx account number.  Due to FedEx guidelines, we cannot send stocks to any address that is not associated with the FedEx account number you provide us.

If you wish to send flies to a different address, you must have them shipped to the  address associated with the FedEx account number and then send them to the alternate destination yourself.

Shipping method

To streamline our operations, we only ship via FedEx.  If your institution does not have a FedEx account, we suggest creating a personal account and having your institution reimburse you.

Import permits

If you require an import permit to be sent with your shipment, you may either email us a pdf of the permit or fax it to us.  If you choose to fax it, please Contact Us, and we'll be happy to send you the number.