Account Information

If you are a member of an academic instituion and would like to order stocks, you must have an account with us before doing so.  If you are associated with a corporate entity and would like to obtain stocks, please Contact Us.

To facilitate the billing process, we have created two types of accounts, Lab Accounts and Individual Accounts.  Lab Accounts are designed for a lab administrator to attend to the details involved with billing, whereas Individual Accounts are intended to remove this administrative detail from the ordering process.  Individual Accounts, therefore, require association with an extant Lab Account.  Please do not try to request an Individual Account without verifying that your lab has a functional Lab Account first.  Unlike our previous website, both account types require our approval before you can use them to order stocks.

Information about Lab Accounts

Information about Individual Accounts

Are you a new PI with an Individual Account for your old lab?
Congratulations!  Contact Us and we’ll start the process of switching your Individual Account to a Lab Account.